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      Ò»¡¢The purpose of the formation of the Engineering Center
      The importance is that it is casting machinery manufacturing industrial base, so the casting process level and quality levels reflect a region, a country's basic industries.
      Our country is already casting a big country, and one of the province's machinery manufacturing base in Changzhou, casting is the traditional industry Chang Wu region.
      However, at present our country as well as Chang Wu and casting the case, there is a "low product quality, economic efficiency, high material consumption," the outstanding issues, coupled with the low degree of automation, high labor intensity, poor working environment realities , restricted the development of the foundry industry, progress, improve. Its main roots in the foundry industry there are three major technical problems :( both individuality, but also common)
      First, lack of technology and development capabilities and an insufficient number of technical personnel; the second is the lack of technical information; Third, new technologies (such as energy-saving) insufficient, so to carry out "research" combined with the integration of resources, especially technical resources, information resources to set up R & D center, effectively solve the rapid development of the foundry industry.
      (According to the company's products are exported overseas, foreign customers for products and material demanding appearance, low temperature, wear, pressure, impact resistance and other harsh conditions, so named "High Performance Mechanical Components Engineering Technology Research Center")
      ¶þ¡¢Established the basic conditions of the center

      The technology center has three support units:
      One of the Company. The company has more than thirty years of casting production history, a set of management infrastructure (including philosophy, management system), there are certain technical basis (including technical standards, technical research and development personnel, product quality, control means); there are certain production (casting, processing) testing equipment; have a certain influence of customers (including domestic and foreign).
      Second, Jiangsu Teachers University. This is a so-based professional engineering undergraduate colleges and universities, is the first national key construction of vocational education teacher training base, has more than engaged in materials research professor, Ph.D., a well-equipped laboratories and advanced detection analysis equipment, heavy metals processing technology and application of modern manufacturing technology, more than 50 laboratory studio, the Institute adhere to social and economic services to undertake various research projects, the establishment of mass production practice base, base life.
      Third Changzhou Foundry Association. It is in the region to collect and publish information on casting production and technology, has a wealth of practical experience in smelting, sand craft, senior engineer casting process, Dr. technical personnel.
      Èý¡¢The main objectives and tasks of research centers

         1, a sound R & D facilities and equipment necessary
      Add X-ray detector, low-temperature impact testing machine, infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer (existing carbon silicon analyzer) improve the detection and analysis. Purchase of scanning electron microscopy, high-value castings for large detection.
      2, the development of high toughness Section Ductile Iron
      The company is based on customer demand in the past to study the technology to solve technical problems, are scattered bits and pieces of technical problems to solve. R & D center will have its own research and development target system, forming system of technical knowledge, to meet the different needs of customers, from "customers do what I do" to "What do I have any customers."
      3, the development of iron alloy
      Casting has grown to nickel, chromium and other high value-added high-end cast iron, to meet the social and economic development needs of the production, the development of iron alloy must mention research agenda centers.
      4, the use of computer simulation solidification technology, optimize the casting process
      At home and abroad using computer 3D simulation solidification techniques it has been used to produce a specific casting, but the universality of application, practicality is not wide, a great limitation. The center in the international and domestic advanced technology solidification simulation software based on the absorption of the establishment has extensive applicable, the production of large castings solidification software.
      5, the promotion of new technology, new technologies, new materials
      6, improve the finishing tooling, fixtures, tools research
      7, training casting, processing personnel
      By three to five years of efforts to form a complete research system and service system, especially after the completion of the new plant will further cast iron materials, production process automation control, recycling, green casting study will be of non-ferrous metals forming process and materials development, for the development of the region casting enterprises to provide complete sets of equipment technology, independent research and development of new materials, new technology and new technology; culture and cultivate a number of outstanding elite casting foundry. Do a good job, "Jiangsu Province High Performance Mechanical Components Engineering R & D Center," the declaration, in a broader context and integrate social resources, reduce pollution casting, water recycling, green casting and casting quality and improve labor productivity, etc. Get more results. 

      ËÄ¡¢Currently working in progress

      1, team building, personnel location, gradually enriched.
      2, the purchase of equipment and facilities, now has signed a contract agreement are: X-ray detector, low-temperature impact machine, 3T should be up to two sets of electric furnace. There have been purchased back: four-axis, gantry, horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes and other processing equipment. Capital investment has reached over 650 million. 3, site, currently borrow Quality Inspection Center, after the completion of the new plant office building, the provision of a dedicated research center laboratory 200 square meters on the ground floor, design room of 100 square meters.
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